Mobile application №1

to control and analyze your business
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Benefit from state-of-the-art experience and functionality


Consolidated indicators of the current condition of enterprise and commercial facilities


Configuration of business, management of resources and employees


Online control the operation of commercial facilities


Review and analytical reports on business, commercial facilities and employees for periods


Sales calculator, catalogue of products and service, returning and collection


Acceptance of all types cash and non-cash payments


THREE IN ONE device: cash register, scanner, bank terminal – it’s cheaper to purchase all devices individually

SOS panic button — an alert to a security company and business owner about extraordinary situation: 101 (fire department), 102 (police), 103 (ambulance)
Sales calculator — selling with the help of adapted calculator, payment is fixed over the type: cash, check, payment card, Qr-code payments
Selling products by using catalogue: scanning the barcode, group searching, discounts, check fiscalisation, transaction log
Return of the goods holding an operation of receiving the goods and refunding to the buyer
Collection – fixing the issue of cash (collection) to an authorized person or business owner
End-of-change time — countdown timer to the end of a salesperson’s shift
Closing the change — formation and sending the report to a business owner (Z or X reports to DFS)

Full cash desk functionality

  • Opening of change
  • Closing change
  • Work with the base of goods (taking into account categories)
  • At the checkout you can start goods and categories
  • Barcode Scanner (1D and 2D)
  • ROSO
  • Removing X and Z-reports
  • Sale of goods
  • Free sale
  • Work with pending orders
  • Purchase returns
  • Acceptance of any type of payment (cash / cashless, NFC)

Register of settlement operations (ROSO) FREE

The presence of QES, MobileID make from this device a full ROSO

Reciept printer

High print speed – almost 70 mm/sec

Use in all areas of business

  • Android OS
  • Service industry enterprises (beauty salons, hairdressers, barbershops, car repair shops, etc.)
  • Small retail (including those required to work with labeling)
  • Online Stores
  • Fast food points
  • Courier services
  • Public transport enterprises, etc.

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